Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is grown by Choice Farms with THC around 21.7% .
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Mona Lisa is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a powerful punch of effects. This unique strain is created by crossing the classic OG Kush with Mendo Breath and has an approximate 60/40 Sativa/Indica ratio. It produces a distinctly pungent aroma of earthy spices and sweet fruits, as well as flavors of citrus and diesel that linger in the mouth after exhaling. The high is known to be incredibly stimulating, uplifting the mood while providing a jolt of energy and creativity. Mona Lisa is the perfect strain for activities such as outdoor adventures, creative projects or social gatherings. Consumers can expect an immediate rush of happiness followed by an intense focus on tasks at hand accompanied by an upbeat mental buzz. The effects are long-lasting and eventually mellow out into a blissful body buzz, leaving users feeling relaxed but still highly functional. Those looking for relief from stress, depression, fatigue or chronic pain may also find comfort in Mona Lisa’s therapeutic effects due to its moderate CBD content. Though it contains moderate levels of THC, novice consumers should approach this strain with caution as its potency can be quite overwhelming if consumed recklessly. Overall, Mona Lisa is an incredibly unique strain that offers a potent combination of cerebral effects along with physical relaxation to those lucky enough to experience it.